Shotokan Kata’s

Explore the below list of all of the Shotokan Kata’s, which are all performed in slow motion, making them easy to follow, by our Chief Sensei Charles Neri
Kata Name Video Number Of Moves Kata Meaning
Taikyoku Shodan 20 “First Breath in Karate”
Heian Shodan 21 "Peaceful Mind One"
Heian Nidan 26 26 "Peaceful Mind Two"
Heian Sandan 20 "Peaceful Mind Three"
Heian Yondan 27 "Peaceful Mind Four"
Heian Godan 23 "Peaceful Mind Five Universe"
Tekki Shodan 23 "Iron Horse One"
Tekki Nidan 24 "Iron Horse Two"
Tekki Sandan 26 "Iron Horse Three"
Bassai Dai 42 "Penetrating the Fortress-Big"
Bassai Sho 27 "Penetrating the Fortress - Small"
Kanku Dai 65 "To look at the Sky - Big"
Kanku Sho 48 "To look at the Sky - Small"
Enpi 37 "Flying Swallow"
Jion 47 "Love (and) Goodness"
Gankaku 42 "Crane on the Rock"
Hangetsu 41 "Half Moon"
Jitte 24 "Ten Hands"
Chinte 32 "Incredible Hands"
Sochin 41 "Preserve Peace"
Meikyo 33 "Mirror of the soul"
Jiin 38 "Named after the Saint"
Gojushiho Dai 67 "54 Steps - Big"
Gojushiho Sho 65 54 Steps - Small"
Nijushiho 24 "24 Steps"
Wankan 24 "Crown of a king"
Unsu 48 "Cloud Hands"